GEHE-Mitarbeiter bei Beschriftung der Medikamente

Our business in Germany

GEHE provides owner-operated and hospital pharmacies from 19 modern distribution centres up to four times a day. gesund leben is the biggest pharmacy cooperation in Germany with 2,300 owner-operated pharmacies.

At a glance

  • GEHE Pharma Handel, wholesale, about 2,300 employees
  • Pharmacy cooperation gesund leben
  • Pharmacy and consumer solutions
  • 19 distribution centres
  • 2,300 gesund leben pharmacies (March 2015)


GEHE was established in 1835 in Dresden by merchant Franz Ludwig Gehe. On 1 January 1903, the company was opened to the capital market.

GEHE provides owner-operated and hospital pharmacies with 130,000 medical and other healthcare products from 19 modern distribution centres up to four times a day. The company is the third biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler in Germany. Its head office and administration are located in Stuttgart.

Every single site is TÜV-certified. As a pharmaceutical wholesaler, GEHE transports mostly sensitive pharmaceuticals fast, reliably and in an environmentally friendly manner with the help of certified cooling logistics.

Moreover, GEHE supports its customers with services in pharmacy marketing and management. Currently nine of our distribution centres are equipped with Rowa technology, another nine will be installed by the end of March 2016. GEHE uses this innovative system to automatically store and retrieve items with a low and medium turnover. The Rowa system ensures that the available warehouse space is used in the most efficient way possible.

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Pharmacy partnership model

Germany has a population of almost 81 million and more than 20,000 pharmacies.

In 2004 GEHE founded the pharmacy cooperation gesund leben. With 2,300 owner-operated pharmacies it is the biggest pharmacy cooperation in Germany. At gesund leben pharmacies the focus is on people and their quality of life.

Furthermore, gesund leben cooperation pharmacists are able to use certain modules which have been developed for the European Pharmacy Network (EPN) concept. Pharmacy excellence and innovation that fulfil patients‘ needs are at the heart of Celesio’s EPN.

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