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Education is the basis for people's personal and professional development and the sustainable future of our society. It is therefore an issue that is very close to our hearts.

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Further training for pharmacists

Celesio is committed to the further training of pharmacists, especially in Germany. We do this via the GEHE Academy, which focuses systematically on the needs of pharmacies and their staff. By this means, we want to promote innovative ideas for modern corporate management.

More than 30,000 pharmacists and pharmacy employees attend the various public and exclusive training courses offered by the GEHE Academy every year. The training courses on offer cover a multitude of topics:

  • Entrepreneurial and marketing skills
  • Communication and personality
  • Consulting and product expertise

The participants can choose from four types of course:

  • Seminars on site at all GEHE branches
  • Live e-learning seminars
  • Web-based training
  • Team training at the pharmacy

Not only the high number of participants testifies to the quality of the GEHE Academy, but also regular awards, for example from the trade magazine PharmaRundschau.

The origin of today's GEHE-Academy is the Gehe Foundation, founded in 1885 to "improve general public education". Two million marks were set aside to establish an educational institution which would contribute both to disseminating education in the scientific disciplines and provide the company's employees with free training. In 1902, the foundation achieved academy status. The Foundation library is now the property of the Saxon State Library in Dresden.

More information about the GEHE Academy: Website GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH

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Cooperation with educational institutions

We maintain particularly close ties with schools and universities.


Our involvement in schools focuses particularly on the Franz-Ludwig-Gehe school. In 2010, on the 175th anniversary of our company's creation, the Vocational School Centre for Commerce in Dresden took the name of our founder. This has created a special connection between Celesio and the school.

Celesio supports the pupils and teachers of the commercial school, in particular with finding their identity and getting closer to the company's founder. As an "honourable businessman", he is a special role model for the pupils.

In 2014, the school opened a new library, which Celesio supported with a donation. The school will use it to acquire new specialist literature. The school library provides pupils with additional space for concentrated learning, plus a diverse range of facilities for conducting research.

Website Vocational School Centre for Commerce "Franz Luwig Gehe", Dresden


We maintain a close dialogue with universities. For one thing, we are keen to support scientific advances by participating in research and opening our group archive. For another we want to provide students with practical experience through a first-hand insight into our company, thereby giving them a good start to their careers. We are also present at graduate fairs and work experience days at universities.