Key areas

We group our CR measures into the key areas society, employees, customers, environment and procurement and supplier management.

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Being an international company, we are part of society and as such we have a responsibility. Whether at our sites or elsewhere – our activities are based on our core business and are focused on sustainability. We therefore concentrate on the issues of healthcare and education. For example, we support the charity German Doctors e. V. by supplying financial and material resources, as well as our expertise. Moreover, we maintain partnerships with educational institutions.

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As a trade and logistics company, we move goods. The environmental impact is mainly caused by logistics and facilities management and is relatively low compared with manufacturing companies. Our aim is to achieve more using fewer resources.

Our Environmental Guidelines are intended to protect and maintain the environment. In order to embed the environmental targets firmly throughout the group and strengthen environmental awareness even further, we plan to expand the guidelines.

Celesio Environmental Guidelines (PDF 26 KB)

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We want our services to contribute to the well-being of our customers – patients, consumers and pharmacists. Our goal is to give them a positive attitude and a better quality of life. To ensure this, we are strengthening the role of the pharmacists – both as pharmaceutically competent healthcare advisors for patients and consumers and as service providers for the healthcare system.

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Our employees are our greatest asset. They are the key to our long-term corporate success. We therefore place great importance on responsible management and sustainable development.

We support our employees in staying healthy and strive to ensure safety in the work place. We promote an open working environment that is free of discrimination. In the medium term, we aim to position ourselves as one of the top employers in the regions in which we operate.

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Procurement and supplier management

We regard our suppliers as partners. We enjoy a constructive and trusting cooperation with them because we are focused on long-term partnerships. Our suppliers support us in serving our clients' needs and therefore contribute to our success in a big way.

We expect high-quality products and services from our suppliers, as well as market prices, high flexibility and absolute reliability. Safety is also a major aspect when dealing with pharmaceuticals. Our goal is to continue developing our portfolio of qualified suppliers and to work with the best.