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Our responsibility

For us, corporate responsibility (CR) means making a commitment in social, environmental and economic areas. Through our CR activities, we want to contribute towards a sustainable development in society so that future generations too benefit from the decisions we make today.

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We consider corporate responsibility to be highly important. That is why we have firmly embedded it in our business strategy. We are of the opinion that corporate responsibility increases the value of the company long term and promotes innovations which benefit society. In keeping with our mission statement "more positive lives", we want to sustainably inspire people to live more positive lives.

Our social responsibility

We are concentrating on health and education so that we can take on responsibility for our social environment expertly and for the long term. For example, we support the charity German Doctors e. V. by supplying financial and material resources, as well as our expertise. Moreover, we maintain partnerships with educational institutions. However, we also bear social responsibility towards our customers, employees and suppliers.

Our environmental responsibility

Acting in an environmentally responsible manner for us focuses on how we use resources, both in terms of our products and services, and our processes. Our aim is to achieve more using fewer resources.

Our economic responsibility

The growth in the world's population and rising life expectancy are increasing the need and demand for medicines and healthcare products. Our presence in Europe and Brazil places us in an excellent position to participate in this trend. We consciously take on risks in a calculated manner so that we can harness all of the opportunities open to us for developing our company further.

We group our CR measures into the key areas society, employees, customers, environment and procurement and supplier management.

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The Management Board bears full responsibility for corporate responsibility at Celesio. The Board defines the CR strategy for the group.

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Strict regulations apply to many areas of corporate governance in Europe. For Celesio, however, these regulations do not go far enough and so the group also takes on voluntary commitments.


Code Of Conduct

Celesio operates in a global context that is shaped by diversity and in which different cultural and legal circumstances apply. It is precisely due to this diversity that the Celesio Group has formed a fundamental awareness of values and responsibility. We want to experience a culture of trust, respect and openness both within the group and outside of it. Our Code of Conduct is intended to be an aid for our employees in their daily work in order to prevent incorrect behaviour, but primarily to promote honest, ethical conduct.

Code of Conduct (PDF 1.5 MB)


With the "Code of Responsible Conduct for Business", subscribers commit themselves to leading in a profit-oriented and values-oriented manner with regard to the social market economy. According to the Code, this includes fair competition, social partnership, performance principles and sustainability. The Code is intended to strengthen people's trust in the market's decision-makers and was presented to the public in 2010 by the Wittenberg Centre for Global Ethics (WCGE).

The WCGE is an independent, international, non-denominational initiative of figures and organisations from various sectors of society. The Centre's aim is to provide decision-makers on the market, in politics and in society with an ethical guideline.

Code of Responsible Conduct for Business (PDF 371 KB)


The "Charter of Diversity" is an initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. As one of over 2,000 companies and public institutions, Celesio also counts itself as having an unprejudiced working environment – regardless of gender, nationality, age, religion or world view, disability and sexual orientation. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the programme's sponsor.

Website Diversity Charter


Celesio would like to continually improve the group's performance in the areas of safety, health and environmental protection. Key issues are the construction and maintenance of buildings, fleet management and business trips.

Celesio Environmental Guidelines (PDF 26 KB)