Working in the borderline between industrial plants and nature

One reason for purchasing the old Streicher iron foundry premises was that it was easy to reach by road, rail and ship. Drivers can reach Neckartalstraße, in Bad Cannstatt, very quickly from both the A81 and A8 motorways. The U14 underground connection, which also goes to Stuttgart main station, stops at the Mühlsteg stop, just a few metres from Celesio's main administrative building.

Today, the Celesio AG company premises include three buildings to the west of Neckartalstraße and three to the east. They are connected by a footbridge which the staff calls "Pillensteg" - the tablet bridge - and which gets them over the four-lane road safely.

When the grounds were purchased, Celesio was well aware of the environmental problems the property had, inherited as the successor to an iron-processing company. The Streicher iron foundry was established in 1871, a time when little was known about environmental conservation or contaminants. Without today's precautionary measures and protection, many contaminants simply leaked into the ground. Before construction could start on the Celesio building, several shiploads of spoiled earth were disposed of in accordance with regulations. When further renovation was carried out in 2005, petrol tanks from an old petrol station were discovered during excavation work and also removed entirely.

Since 1981, Celesio AG has turned a production site which polluted the environment into a service complex meeting modern requirements, with pleasant offices for its staff and attractive outdoor grounds which are a pleasant place to spend time and relax.

Celesio's Stuttgart site puts staff, visitors and customers at ease. People passing by on Neckartalstraße notice not just the strikingly attractive outdoor areas but also our German pine tree, which is over 100 years old.

People's health is at the heart of everything we do: both in our work and in the environmentally friendly way we deal with resources at our Stuttgart site.

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