Celesio continues exemplary commitment to the environment

With the cooperation with T-Mobile and Deutsche Umwelthilfe (German Environmental Aid Association) in the recycling of mobile phones, Celesio is keeping up the tradition of making a contribution to the enhancement of the environment.


Recycling of mobile phones has a long tradition at Celesio. In the past, the company worked together with the charity organisation natur+mensch, which organised the initiative "Your mobile helps the environment". More than 200 companies and institutions throughout Germany took part and set up collection points for old mobiles phones; altogether, 48 000 Euros were collected.

Now Celesio has entered a new cooperation with T-Mobile and Deutsche Umwelthilfe (German Environmental Aid Association) with regard to the recycling of cell phones. The phones that are handed in by the employees of Celesio and are sent to experts who check if they are still usable, can be repaired or if certain parts can be recycled and used again. Besides containing harmful substances, mobile phones also contain potential recyclables such as silver, gold, copper or platinum. According to T-Mobile, two thirds of cell phones can be repaired and 80 percent of the parts used again.

But the re-use and recycling of old mobile phones is only one of the benefits of this cooperation. For every mobile phone which T-Mobile receives it makes a donation to the Deutsche Umwelthilfe, which in turn organises and finances environmental projects such as the conservation of natural rivers and their surrounding landscapes (including the initiative "Our Neckar"), forests as well as the protection of endangered species and environmental education programs. So the more cell phones are handed in, the more money is collected for a good cause.

Neckar Part of the proceeds of the recycling of mobile phones go to the initiative "Our Neckar".

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