Celesio is also known for social commitment in Japan

The cultural exchange on 24 April once again focused on Celesio's activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility: Hideyuki Takamizawa, the editor of the magazine MIL (Mission for Life) for doctors, pharmacists and pharmacy students, and Norikio Nakamura from Japan visited Celesio AG in Stuttgart.

Besuch aus Japan Exchanged ideas about possible
cooperations and Celesio's CSR activities:
Dr. Ruth Kappel and Matthias Kleinert,
Celesio, with the visitors from Japan.

Dr. Ruth Kappel, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Celesio, gave them an introduction into the company's business activities as well as the various CSR projects.

In Japan the issue of CSR is still in its beginnings. Hideyuki Takamizawa praised Celesio's activities in this field as being innovative, exemplary and stringent with regard to implementation. He encouraged transnational cooperation in connection with Celesio's CSR projects in Nairobi and Calcutta, primarily with young future pharmacy students from Japan in order to enhance the young people's understanding for differences in ethics and culture. As a first step, Hideyuki Takamizawa will publish a report on Celesio's CSR activities in his magazine, MIL. Moreover, he suggested initiating an exchange programme between young pharmacy students from Japan and German pharmacists. Hideyuki Takamizawa agreed on staying in touch with Matthias Kleinert, Representative of Celesio's CEO for Political and External Affairs (until July 2011), and Dr. Ruth Kappel. He visits Germany regularly as he is a member of the German Pharmacy Museum in Heidelberg among other reasons.

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